Cracker Industry



Did you know that corn masa flour is a perfect ingredient to use in a wide variety of crackers? Selected Azteca Milling flours are process-engineered for cracker production. To learn more about this versatile ingredient, just ask the experts at Azteca Milling.

We can recommend the right flour – made from 100% selected corn – for your finished goods. In addition to our top quality products, we also offer you on-site technical support at
no cost.


Available in white or yellow in a variety of granulations, our flours are the key ingredient for manufacturing crackers with the taste, texture, and crunch your customers expect. Our experts can demonstrate corn masa flour’s functionality and the many benefits of using this versatile ingredient in your existing formulations. Partner with Azteca Milling, the industry leader for 30 years, and see how our corn masa flours will help you optimize production and profits and make your crackers the best they can be.