Nutritional Content

Corn is more than a low-calorie, high-fiber staple. It’s full of thiamin, a B vitamin involved in energy production. It’s packed with folate, a nutrient that plays a central role in heart and pre-natal health. It’s also high in beta-cryptoxanthin, an antioxidant that has been shown to help prevent lung cancer.

At Azteca Milling, we take pride in spreading the word about the health benefits of corn. Take a look below to learn how our corn masa flours preserve this ancient grain’s natural goodness.


When reconstituted with water, Azteca Milling’s corn masa is low in fat (approximately 2%) and trans fat-free. Its fatty acid profile is 33% Omega 9 and almost 60% Omega 6, both of which lower cholesterol levels and improve heart health.


Our corn masa flours contain just under 10% protein, mostly in the form of low-value plant proteins. However, as demonstrated by Mesoamerican culinary traditions, corn tortillas can become part of a complete, protein-rich diet when combined with foods like beans or lean meats.


On average, our corn masa products contain 8% dietary fiber, which helps lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of developing colon cancer. Fiber is also central to good digestive health and plays an important role in a healthy, balanced diet.


Azteca Milling’s corn masa products are 74% carbohydrate (28% is amylose and 72% amylopectin). Amylopectin is a complex carbohydrate that provides the body with steady, long-lasting energy.

Glycemic load

Glycemic load is a measure of how quickly the human body transforms a food’s carbohydrates into glucose. Corn tortillas are low on the glycemic index, which means they are digested slowly and don’t create sudden spikes in blood sugar.