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For over 30 years, our superior quality products, leading edge technology, and exceptional customer service have been instrumental in the success of many food industry leaders. We are customer driven and technology focused.

We can provide you with the right corn masa flour or wheat flour for quality and consistency in the preparation of tortillas, taco shells, tostadas, chips, extruded snack foods and other related corn products, such as tamales and taquitos. We can also provide wheat flour for baking breads, cookies, cakes, crackers, and even pasta. We also distribute specialized corn meal to make arepas, the bread of Venezuelan and Colombian cuisines.

With over 50 varieties of corn masa flour from which to choose, it is easy to prepare virtually any masa-type product. We can provide you with products in quantities ranging from 4.4-, 25-, and 50-pound bags to 80-ton hopper loads.

Our flour brands have set industry standards for quality. Let our experts help you choose the appropriate flours to streamline operations, increase the quality of your finished goods, and increase your company's profitability. At Azteca Milling, your success is our success. Give us the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities and merit your business.


Are you committed to making the best tortilla? So are we. That's why the care we put into producing our corn masa flours, combined with your expertise, will create the optimal, best-tasting tortilla.
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How would you like corn masa flour that offers you the flexibility, consistency, and functionality to fit your snack manufacturing needs? That's exactly what you get with Azteca Milling's flours.
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As a retailer, you know how important the growing Hispanic market is to your sales and profits. Azteca Milling can help you attract Hispanic customers and keep them coming back to your store when you stock our product line of authentic flours.
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How would you like an ingredient that cuts your costs and expands the shelf life of your products?
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Did you know that corn masa flour is a perfect ingredient to use in a wide variety of crackers? Selected Azteca Milling flours are process-engineered for cracker production. Read More